Clients: 23andMe (for Kaplow Communications)
Project: Produce event design and collateral for an event introducing the DNA testing service to journalists and bloggers from a wide variety of publications.
My Role: I worked with the team at Kaplow in a creative director capacity and oversaw the creation, production and installation of all visual aspects of this event under incredibly tight deadlines, and with very limited budgets. I worked incredibly closely with the team on all aspects of this event, from choosing the location on through installing the mural, and choosing the gifts. My incredibly talented designer Paul brought so much to the table, he made my job easy as I simply oversaw the process, guided his efforts and explained what we were doing to the client. The Kaplow PR team rocked, they put together a stellar list of participants and worked their asses off creating an event that was a smashing success which lead to a very happy client, and in turn a tremendous amount of new business.