Walmart x A Capella


Client: Walmart
Brief: Celebrate the phenomenally talented folks that work at Walmart stores across the country, and broadcast that Walmart is a great place to work.
Solution: We put out a call out to all associates and got hundreds of responses. Once we saw the level of talent, and the passion that these folks have, we got to work planning an ambitious program. We brought in Deke Sharon who did all of the musical arrangements on the Pitch Perfect movies. We brought in Ignacio Segura who has worked on projects for Travel Zoo, Ford Motor Company and more. We brought in Cupid, and reworked his iconic hit from 2007. And we recorded these people singing their hearts out. Over 3 days, they laughed, they cried, and they laid down 2 tracks. We made 2 videos for those tracks.
My Role: Direct, produce, inspire and watch ordinary people do truly extraordinary things.